Document Automation

Excel-to-Word Document Automation

Automatically update Word content (text, tables, and charts) based on Excel data and calculations.

The Excel-to-Word Content Automation Add-in automates updating of Excel-based content into Word documents. Updatable content includes text, tables, and charts. It also makes it easy to link the “dynamic” content to be updated. Update any new or existing Word document with content from any new or existing Excel workbook. It is easy to link existing spreadsheets and documents. The add-in includes sample documents (and Excel ROI calculator and a Word business case) to get you started.

Common Usage Scenarios

This add-in can be used in a wide variety of document automation scenarios. Here are a few: 

  • Customer business cases (from an Excel-based ROI/TCO Tool) 
  • Personalized sales and marketing collateral, including proposals and quotes 
  • Custom product documentation (from Excel sizing/capacity/configurator) 
  • Recurring financial reports (from Excel analysis) 
  • Custom datasheets (from engineering/scientific calculations in Excel)

The free "Basic" version does not require registration or login and is a great option to evaluate the add-in and for users with basic content automation needs. Fee-based versions are also available to enable premium and enterprise features and require an account. 


This add-in requires Office 2016 and an internet connection. It must be added to both Excel and Word.

Microsoft Excel

This add-in requires one of the following versions: 

  • Excel 2016 for Windows Version 1608 (Build 7369.2055) or later 
  • Excel 2016 for Mac 15.27 or later 
  • Excel Online

Microsoft Word

This add-in requires one of the following versions: 

  • Word 2016 for Windows Version 1605 (Build 6925.1000) or later 
  • Word 2016 for Mac 15.22 or later 
  • Word Online



no registration or login required
  • Evaluation & Light Usage
  • 10 documents per month
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per User per Month
  • Standard business usage & light authoring
  • 50 documents per month



per User per Month
  • Extensive usage and authoring
  • 1000 documents per month


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  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible usage allowances
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Enterprise Features and Capabilities

  • Save/Load assessment data to the cloud
  • Collaborate (securely share assessment data with colleagues/partners)
  • Usage reporting and analytics
  • Restore Workbook values/formulas
  • Document version control
  • Document management (easy access to corporate-sanctioned workbooks and documents)
  • Integration with AnalysisPlace web-based sales/marketing tools
  • Enterprise single sign-on
  • Add-in customization (e.g. branding)
  • Expert tool/report design, development, and support
  • Localization
  • Integration (CRM, ERP, SFA)
  • Training (improve user adoption and usage effectiveness)