IT Services and Telecom

IT Services and Telecom

Sample Customer Pain Points, Value Propositions, and Benefit Statements

To achieve sales growth objectives, it is increasingly important to provide prospects with quantified, personalized value propositions (business cases).  Value-based tools automate the creation of high quality business cases.  Common value-focused tool capabilities for IT and telecom service providers, include:

  • Assess customer needs (diagnostic assessment)
  • Select/recommend service options based on customer needs
  • Estimate costs
  • Quantify service benefits (cost savings, productivity improvements, revenue growth, etc.)
  • Total Cost of Services analysis
  • Compare to alternative services
  • Create customer-specific documentation (presentations, proposals, business cases)

Customer-facing web-based marketing tools (demand generation tools) are often referred to as “ROI calculators” and often only contain a couple of the above components.  Tools used internally (by sales staff or partners) are typically more comprehensive.

The table below summarizes:  1) Sample Customer Challenges or Pain Points which are familiar to many IT services buyers.  Effective tools assess customer needs and present solutions (your products) that solve them. 2) Sample Solution Value Propositions that automation tools can personalize and thereby make more compelling. 3) Sample Benefits that business value tools can quantify (must be done credibly), making your business cases substantially more effective.






Sample Customer Challenges / Pains

Sample Solution Value Propositions

Sample Benefits To Quantify in the Tool

Application Development Services

Application design, development, testing, and support services

Example Vendors: Accenture, Capgemini, CGI, Cognizant, CSC, EDS, IBM, Infosys, Keane, Perot Systems, Satyam, TCS, and Wipro

    • Insufficient internal resources and expertise
    • Long development lead times
    • Software quality issues
Design and develop future-ready business applications.
    • Improve user satisfaction and productivity
    • Accelerate time to market
    • Reduce security vulnerabilities
    • Grow revenues
Systems Integration

Customize or develop IT solutions, assets and processes; integration with established infrastructure and processes; deployment services

Example Vendors: Cognizant, CSC, EDS, IBM, HP, Siemens, CompuCom, Infosys, Keane, Perot Systems, Satyam, TCS, Getronics, Unisys, Infosys, Wipro

    • Insufficient internal resources
    • Lack technology expertise
End-to-end accountability from solution design and vendor management to  attainment of SLAs
    • Improve IT-business alignment
    • Improve business process performance
    • Improve system user satisfaction and effectiveness
    • Reduce business and IT costs
Management Consulting and Business Consulting

Compliance, governance, audit, portfolio management, service level management, risk management, data security, sustainability, business continuity – disaster planning / recovery

Example Vendors: KPMG, Accenture, Cap Gemini, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BearingPoint, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Kurt Salmon, PA Consulting, Celerant

    • Insufficient internal business process and technology expertise
Analyze and improve the efficiency of business operations and technology strategies
    • Improve adoption of best practices and compliance
    • Improve business-IT alignment
    • Improve business process performance
    • Reduce business and IT costs
IT Management

Helpdesk; on-site support; desktop management; data center services; application management and support; IT equipment rental, leasing, maintenance, and repair

Example Vendors: ConnectWise, Kaseya, Dell, CompuCom, HP, CSC, IBM, Unisys, HCL Xerox, Atos, CGI, Ciber, TCS, Wipro, Pomeroy, Genpact, Fujitsu, Maintech, Tata

    • High internal labor costs
    • IT manageability and user satisfaction issues
Outsource IT management to domain experts to enable focus on core business, resulting in improved service levels
    • Improve service levels
    • Improve adoption of best practices
    • Reduce IT TCO
Cloud Computing Services

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), web hosting

Example Vendors: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, AT&T, IBM, MCI-Digex, Qwest, Rackspace, Verio, Verizon Terremark, Savvis, Dimension Data, CSC, Datapipe, AppHarbor, IronFoundry, HP, HCL, Dell, WiPro, Unisys

    • Capital costs of infrastructure modernization are too high
    • Scalability and manageability issues
Simplify infrastructure and application management without capital expenses.
    • Reduce IT TCO
    • Improve reliability, scalability
    • Accelerate time-to-market
    • Improve user satisfaction and productivity
Information Services

Data preparation, processing and information retrieval services; internet content providers

Example Vendors: Iron Mountain, Recall, Cintas, Alliance Data Systems, First Data, ADP, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent, DeNA, NHN, CSI Leasing, Electro Rent, NFS Leasing, SmartSource Rentals

    • High service costs
    • Current service no longer meets our needs
Satisfy business needs. Higher quality at lower costs
    • Improve user productivity, customer satisfaction, and business results
Data, Voice, and Mobile Telecom Services

Fixed-line carriers, wireline carriers, wireless carriers, interexchange carriers, telecom carriers and resellers; mobile access, unified communications, VoIP, VPN, mobile remote access, telecommuting

Example Vendors: Apple, Google, 3Com, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Siemens, Equant, AT&T, MCI, BT, Sprint, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner

    • Users are demanding new/better features, services, and devices
Extensive feature set and higher performance services enable improved business productivity
    • Improve mobility, user satisfaction, and productivity
    • Reduce access limitations and security vulnerabilities
    • Reduce TCO


AnalysisPlace builds highly-effective sales and marketing tools that help IT services providers articulate their value propositions to their prospects.  Contact us to discuss tool solutions that can help your company obtain more qualified sales leads, improve sales close rates, and cut sales cycle times.