How It Works

Learn About Our Technology and Processes

AnalysisPlace tools are built on the latest Microsoft Office technology, using its powerful built-in programming capabilities to extend and enhance the capabilities of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This gives AnalysisPlace tools access to the rich features of Microsoft Office while providing automation and collaboration capabilities not available in standard Microsoft Office documents.

Excel and Web-Based Tools

Each AnalysisPlace tool is initially created in Excel using a combination of its spreadsheet capabilities and advanced programming. All of the tool’s capabilities are embedded in a standard Excel file that you can use on any Windows-based Excel installation. Our platform then optionally converts these into web-based tools that are hosted on the AnalysisPlace website – or on your website.

Automated Document Generation

All AnalysisPlace tools automatically generate personalized customer documents. They include Word and PowerPoint templates that they populate with generated customer-specific information – in the case of Excel-based tools, these are directly embedded into the Excel file. The populated data can include high-value information such as ROI analysis results, product configurations, customer branding, graphs and images.

Web Services

Excel and web-based AnalysisPlace tools can support collaboration using web services. They communicate over SSL with AnalysisPlace servers located in a secure Microsoft cloud, allowing them to store and retrieve assessment data, as well as synchronize data across tool users.

Typical Implementation Process

Our analysts will work with your team to design, develop, test and deploy your tools. They start by establishing your overall tool requirements, and then collect and analyze customer and third-party data required to create your tool. They then create a detailed specification of your tool, including required inputs and outputs, data, cost-benefit models, and other key components. Once this is approved, they produce an Excel mockup of your tool, providing an opportunity for further feedback and revision. Once this is approved, they convert this into a full web or Excel tool and publish it on your behalf.

Technical Specifications

Supported Excel Versions 2007, 2010, 2013.  Not Mac compatible
Supported Browsers Modern versions of:
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
Cloud Provider Microsoft
Web Services Encryption SSL (both Excel & browsers)