High-Value AnalysisPlace Tools That You Can Use Free of Charge

AnalysisPlace Value Assessment Tool

Use AnalysisPlace to assess the value of AnalysisPlace! Try out our AnalysisPlace value assessment tool to estimate the quantified benefits AnalysisPlace can deliver for your business. There is no obligation or registration required – and you become eligible for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our business value analysts just by using the tool. It’s easy and completely confidential – try it now.

IT Project ROI Calculator and Business Case Toolkit

This is a world-class IT project ROI tool developed by our parent company, Hall Consulting and Research. It is designed to assess, quantify and communicate the business value of a wide range of enterprise-wide technology initiatives. With this tool, you can examine the costs, benefits and ROI of your IT project – and it is completely free to use as many times as you like. It will calculate the impact of your project on your IT spend, calculating TCO for both as-is and to-be states. It also quantifies the impact of specific IT projects on key performance indicators, and produces high-quality business case reports that you can download and present to key internal decision-makers and customers. This IT Project ROI Tool can be accessed through a web browser, or you can download a self-contained Excel-based tool that you can use anywhere.