Objective, Credible Research by Business Value Experts

AnalysisPlace and its parent company, Hall Consulting & Research, are acknowledged experts in assessing the business value of technology products and services. Our analysts deliver high-impact customer research that quantifies the benefits and positive financial impact of our clients’ technology offerings – allowing them to create more credible and effective ROI tools.

Multi-Firm Business Value Studies

Our multi-firm ROI studies give our clients deep insights into the value that they deliver to customers. We conduct rigorous surveys on the use of IT-enabled products and services across multiple enterprises, providing accurate ROI data for business modeling and ROI tool development. Our results are clear and objective, and they are supported by well-qualified data and proven methodologies. We create a clear mapping of product features to quantified benefits, segmenting costs, benefits and overall ROI by target industry, customer type and organizational maturity. As well as providing critical input to ROI tool development, we can also turn this information into compelling customer-facing communications, including case studies, white papers, presentations and customer testimonials.

Advanced Economic Analysis

In addition to conducting customer studies, we also carry out extensive IT market research for our clients and integrate this into their ROI tools. We review and synthesize existing research from industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester, and then augment it with further primary research to develop quantitative economic models of our clients’ offerings. Our comprehensive capabilities include business process diagramming, scenario and sensitivity analysis, simulation, and process and solution optimization.

Comprehensive Analysis Framework

All of our customer research is underpinned by a comprehensive and rigorous analysis framework that ensures the quality of the results we deliver. We incorporate reliable information from a wide range of reputable sources, including corporate financial data, labor costs by industry and role, technology user types and software licensing costs. Our framework takes into account factors such as the relationship between IT maturity and business performance, and incorporates standardized KPIs that allow comparison across industries and technologies. It also includes a robust IT capability model that maps key competencies across leading IT vendors, including both infrastructure and business applications.

To find out how AnalysisPlace can deliver insights into your customer value, competitiveness and market potential, speak to us today.