Why AnalysisPlace?

High-Value, Cost-Effective Tools That Accelerate Value-Based Selling

AnalysisPlace delivers personalized customer engagement tools that let clients demonstrate their value throughout the entire sales cycle. We offer an integrated platform that includes lead generation, selling tools, ROI and TCO analysis tools, product configuration and proposal generation. With AnalysisPlace, clients can deliver documents and presentations that show how they provide superior value to individual customers – creating trust and accelerating sales.

High-Value, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our tools provide comprehensive, automated analysis capabilities that let sales and marketing professionals create meaningful, targeted ROI information for prospects at the touch of a button. They have extensive reporting capabilities, including generation of professional Word documents and PowerPoint presentations that are automatically tailored for individual customers. With AnalysisPlace, our clients deliver high-impact, relevant information to their customers with a fraction of the effort and cost of manual approaches. Our tools are also easy to update and maintain, and require no special skills beyond familiarity with Microsoft Office.

Flexibility, Visibility and Control

AnalysisPlace tools offer the flexibility needed to accurately assess the quantified benefits of products and services for individual customers. They are designed to examine the impact of hundreds of factors on specific customer business cases, and can still make intelligent decisions when minimal information is available. We also offer flexible deployment options, including Excel-based standalone tools, web-based tools hosted by AnalysisPlace, and tools that can be published directly on clients’ websites. Our tools also provide superior visibility and control, including collaboration capabilities, usage monitoring, password protection, automatic expiration, and centralized data capture in secure, cloud-based storage.


Our tools are created by experienced business value analysis experts who work closely with clients to model the value of their portfolio for specific industries and customer types. Our consultants have a long track record of helping clients accelerate sales and close more deals by making the shift to individualized value-based selling. They have worked with household names such as Microsoft and Intel to communicate value more effectively, and they have also helped innovative young companies to expand their customer base by quantifying the customer-specific benefits of their products and services.