Lead Generation Tools

Turn website visitors into qualified prospects with self-assessment tools:

  • Show why your products and services deliver quantified value
  • Estimate and communicate each prospect’s specific return on investment
  • Automatically capture their key business drivers and revenue potential

Win More Business with AnalysisPlace

Self-Assessment Lead Generation Tools

Turn website visitors into qualified prospects

Selling Tools

Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness

Analysis Tools

Prove product value with customer-specific assessments

Web & Excel-based Tools

Personalized Document Generation

Automate the creation of personalized

proposals, business cases, presentations, etc.

  Customer Engagement Tools Which Communicate Personalized Product ROI

Turn website visitors into highly-qualified prospects with interactive value-focused tools and calculators

Automate personalized value messaging. Engage prospects with credible compelling tools that influence them to take action.
  •   ROI and TCO Calculators
  •   Cost and Benefit Estimators
  •   Solution Recommendation Tools
  •   Marketing Collateral Creation Tools
  •   Diagnostic Survey and Self-Assessment Tools
  •   Personalized Value Storytelling

  Get more highly qualified leads         Automate lead capture         Boost prospect enthusiasm         Gain credibility         Accelerate sales

AnalysisPlace provides B2B marketing professionals with the web-based sales prospecting tools they need to demonstrate their value of products and services. It gives visitors a crystal-clear understanding of what products and services can do for them, instead of leaving them to paint their own picture from a generic palette of features and benefits.

Automate Your Value Proposition

Think of AnalysisPlace as an automated business lead generation consultant. It asks prospects a small number of questions and then constructs a model of their business, making intelligent assumptions based on the answers that it receives. It then uses this model to assess the customer-specific benefits of a product or service. As a result, the value proposition becomes immediately apparent, raising interest levels and driving B2B lead generation.

Quantify Your Benefits

With AnalysisPlace, each prospect receives a detailed breakdown of the quantified benefits they can expect. They can see individual benefit areas, as well as the multiyear ROI and TCO for their business. All of this information is presented on an intuitive graphical dashboard, making it easy to visualize benefits at a glance. Users can tune the intelligent assumptions made by AnalysisPlace, allowing them to carry out a ‘what if’ analysis in real time. They can also download personalized presentations and reports based on their AnalysisPlace assessment, which they can then review offline or share with colleagues.

Easily Capture and Qualify Leads

AnalysisPlace captures all of the information that prospects share about their business, creating a record of each interaction. This makes it easy to decide which B2B sales leads should be pursued and which should be set aside. All this information is stored in an industry-standard database, allowing it to be easily downloaded and analyzed.


Why Clients Choose AnalysisPlace

  • Easy to publish our tools to your website
  • Great-looking, including your company branding
  • Interactive and easy-to-use
  • Easy to create and maintain (uses Excel-based logic)
  • Customer data capture
  • Usage monitoring and analytics
  • 3rd party certification to enhance credibility
  • Broad compatibility

Generate More Qualified B2B Leads

  • Engage in productive dialogues with website visitors, rather than just pushing product or service information to them
  • Quantify the customer-specific value of products and services for individual prospects
  • Provide instant feedback to prospects by calculating their specific ROI and TCO in real time
  • Automatically provide personalized collateral (data sheets, presentations, business cases, white papers)
  • Automatically profile and qualify IT sales leads and develop a quantified understanding of their business needs
  • Easily capture lead data for further analysis and customer collaboration
  • Easily integrate with more comprehensive sales tools