Personalized Document Generation

Drive rapid buying decisions with clear and compelling proposals:

  • Create personalized proposals at the touch of a button
  • Accelerate approval by automatically including financial justification data
  • Easily update proposals to reflect evolving customer requirements

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Personalized Document Generation

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proposals, business cases, presentations, etc.

  Document Generation Tools for B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals

AnalysisPlace develops custom tools that automate the creation of personalized ROI-focused quotes, proposals, business cases, presentations, white papers, and other sales collateral

Key Features - Why Clients Choose AnalysisPlace
  • Robust document generation capabilities
  • Web, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint document generation
  • Can be combined with ROI calculators or other diagnostic assessment tools
  • Easy to create and maintain (uses Excel-based logic)
  • Cloud or Excel-based tools
  • Totally customizable tools and reports
Personalized Sales Documentation that Communicates Value
  • Automatically create professional proposals from product configurations and ROI/TCO analysis at the push of a button
  • Create timely, personalized collateral that resonates with customers
  • Eliminate sales delays and customer pushback by delivering accurate proposals the first time.
  • Accelerate approval by automatically including a compelling financial justification data
  • Easily update proposals to reflect evolving customer requirements

  Cut proposal development time         Improve business case credibility         Improve document quality         Automate content reuse      
AnalysisPlace has over 12 years of experience in designing value-focused analytical sales tools. We can help you design, publish, and support a highly-effective tool.

Too often, organizations struggle to deliver timely business proposals that meet customer expectations. All the effort that has gone in to building up goodwill during a sales campaign can easily be destroyed because of a failure to provide clear, accurate and professional sales quotes. At minimum, poor quotations lead to sales delays and in the worst case can completely destroy a customer’s trust.

Generate Quotes Automatically from Product Configurations

AnalysisPlace quote generators makes it easy for salespeople to generate professional proposals and sales quotes at the push of a button. Because AnalysisPlace tools are tightly integrated, our proposal generators can automatically convert previously generated product configuration information into a priced quotation with little or no effort. Not only does this save valuable time, it also ensures that proposals are accurate and reflect what has already been agreed with the customer – eliminating embarrassing customer pushback and delays while inaccurate proposals are reworked.

Remind Customers of Your Value

Proposals provide the perfect opportunity to reiterate the value of products and services. AnalysisPlace proposal software can automatically insert the results of earlier customer-specific ROI and TCO analyses directly into quotes, reminding customers of the quantified benefits they will receive. This also ensures that pricing information and financial justification remain in lockstep as a proposal makes its way through a customer’s internal approval processes – minimizing roadblocks and accelerating deal closure.

Easily Issue Updated Proposals

AnalysisPlace standalone and web-based tools are able to track tool usage and provide secure data backup. This makes it easy to retrieve and issued proposals from a quote generator instance and update it to meet new customer requirements. When this is done, ROI and TCO analyses that are embedded in the proposal can also be refreshed – for example, if a customer decides to extend the rollout of a product to more sites, additional quantified benefits can be automatically included.

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