Selling Tools

Empower your sellers with personalized customer collateral:

  • Create customer-specific presentations and white papers in minutes
  • Build trust by showing that you understand your customer’s business
  • Improve sales efficiency by automating time-consuming manual preparation

Win More Business with AnalysisPlace

Self-Assessment Lead Generation Tools

Turn website visitors into qualified prospects

Selling Tools

Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness

Analysis Tools

Prove product value with customer-specific assessments

Web & Excel-based Tools

Personalized Document Generation

Automate the creation of personalized

proposals, business cases, presentations, etc.

  Value-focused Selling Tools and Calculators which Win More Business

Empower your sales team with comprehensive tools

Differentiate your products or services based on a quantified, customer-specific business case. Show customers why they should care about your products and services.
  •   ROI and TCO Calculators
  •   Cost and Benefit Estimators
  •   Solution Recommendations & Product Configurators
  •   Business Case, Proposal & Quote Generators
  •   Diagnostic Assessment & Quantification Tools
  •   Guided Selling & Value Storytelling Tools

  Accelerate sales cycle times and improve close rates         Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness         Enable more trusted customer relationships         Reduce product discounting      

During a typical sales cycle, salespeople need effective, targeted sales tools – including presentations, whitepapers, technical studies and other collateral. Off-the-shelf documents are rarely effective, since they deal with generic cases rather than individual customer needs and buying objections. As a result salespeople spend up to 20% of the time customizing material – and they still struggle to get what they need for effective guided selling.

Personalize Documents in Minutes

AnalysisPlace documentation generation software produces relevant, personalized information at the touch of a button. It seamlessly populates presentation and documentation templates with customer specific information – including branding, financial data, technical assessments, business cases and organizational data. The results speak volumes to customers – they see products and services in their own business context, rather than as an abstract concept.

Increase Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness

AnalysisPlace sales automation simplifies and accelerates the task of producing customer-specific presentations and documents. This frees up time for sales to focus on customer engagements, deal progression and prospecting – in other words, activities that drive both existing and new revenues. At the same time, the sellers are able to deliver more useful information to customers more quickly, driving sales cycles forward and building customer trust.

Deliver Consistent Messages

Since salespeople are constantly forced to customize sales collaterals, they often build up a local library of materials. They continue to use these even when marketing messages are updated or new capabilities are rolled out. As a result, they end up delivering inconsistent messages and do not leverage new sales assets when they become available. AnalysisPlace eliminates this issue by making it easy for salespeople to generate consistent, customized sales tools from an up-to-date, centralized store of sales, marketing and technical information.

ROI Tool iPad
SailPOint ROI Calculator
SailPoint ROI Calculator
Earthlink Business Case
Configurator Tool Laptop

Why Clients Choose AnalysisPlace

  • Easy to create and maintain (uses Excel-based logic)
  • Easy-to-use (promotes high sales team adoption rates)
  • Cloud (SaaS) or Excel-based
  • Customer data capture
  • Robust usage monitoring and analytics
  • Centralized control via administrator web portal
  • 3rd party certification to enhance credibility
  • Facilitates collaboration with your customers
  • Supports most sales methodologies including solution selling

Effective Value-based Selling

  • Dramatically improve the credibility of your value proposition
  • Financially justify your business value with ROI/TCO analyses
  • Identify and target customer pain points and needs
  • Easily generate personalized sales collateral, such as quotes, proposals, presentations, whitepapers, and technical assessments
  • Accelerate sales cycles by responding quickly and effectively to customer needs and buying objections
  • Confidently recommend customer-optimized solutions
  • Avoid giving customers obsolete and incorrect information due to lack of centralized documentation control
  • Enhance sales productivity and effectiveness by freeing up time to focus on deal progression and relationship building