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At AnalysisPlace we saw an opportunity to help other businesses become more successful. We saw a need for improved document automation capabilities for data-intensive Microsoft Office documents. To fill this need, we created the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in. Our add-in automates the updating of Word and PowerPoint documents from Excel workbooks.

Based on customer feedback, we've improved our add-in to support document assembly (conditional content), high-performance cloud-based document updating, template-based document generation, tool version control, access security, and usage analytics.  These optional "Enterprise" features help businesses to deploy and manage Excel-based assessment tools.

We also provide two truly innovative, powerful, and easy-to-configure APIs: a template-based document generation API and an Excel-based calculation API. These 2 APIs can be seamlessly combined to update documents based on calculated data and graphics. 

Our add-ins and APIs have helped thousands of professionals and businesses increase the accuracy and speed of their document automation. The ease-of-use and high customer satisfaction of our products continue to grow.

AnalysisPlace was founded by Andrew Hall in 2013. Andrew is an industry-leading expert in document automation, assessment tool development, and business value analysis. Prior to founding AnalysisPlace and Hall Consulting & Research, Andrew was a Managing Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services and various business and technology consulting firms. He has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a BS in Engineering from Penn State University. 

The AnalysisPlace team consists of a network of document automation specialists, developers, business analysts, and technology consultants. Together we are continually improving and expanding the abilities of the add-in, our APIs, and related services to enable our customers to be more productive.