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Turn website visitors into qualified prospects with self-assessment tools

Empower your sellers with personalized customer collateral

Show customers why they should care about your products and services

Configure products more quickly and accurately

Drive rapid buying decisions with clear and compelling proposals

  Document Automation and Value-Focused Assessment Tools

AnalysisPlace builds the Excel-to-Word Documentation Add-in and custom ROI-based selling tools that configure solutions, quantify ROI, and produce personalized business cases.

  •   Document Automation
  •   Personalized Document Generation
  •  TCO and ROI Calculators
  •   Diagnostic/Assessment Tools
  •   Solution Configurators
  •  Cost and Benefit Estimators

 Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in

Empower your company with our Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in that updates Word & PowerPoint content (text, tables, and charts) based on Excel data and calculations

The Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in automates updating of Excel-based content into Word and PowerPoint documents. Updatable content includes text, tables, and charts. It also makes it easy to link/map the “dynamic” content to be updated. Update any new or existing Word or PowerPoint document with content from any new or existing Excel workbook.

Common Usage Scenarios

  • Document automation scenarios where Word or PowerPoint are updated from Excel.
  • Update recurring reports and documents that need to be customized/personalized multiple times.
  • Information-intensive applications where Excel is used to capture, consolidate, calculate, analyze, or summarize data.

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Show customers the value you bring to their business

By using AnalysisPlace to personalize the information they deliver, our clients are able to answer every buyer’s most fundamental question: “What is the value for my business?” Rather than focusing on generic features, advantages and pricing, sales can now act as a trusted partner – they understand their customer’s business and show how they add quantified value using ROI analysis.

Spend more time with clients and less time behind the desk

On average, salespeople spend less than 45% of their time with customers. Administration, travel and preparation account for the rest. With AnalysisPlace, sales can reclaim up to 20% of that lost time by automating the creation of presentations, documents and analyses for individual customers. They spend more of their time where it does the most good – building lasting relationships.


Comprehensive Tool Capabilities Across the Sales Cycle

Lead Generation Tools
Turn website visitors into qualified prospects with interactive assessment tools and online ROI calculators
  • Show how your products and services deliver quantified value
  • Estimate and communicate each prospect’s specific return on investment
  • Automatically capture customer data for follow-up and analysis
Selling Tools
Empower your sales team with tools that quantify and personalize your value messaging
  • Build trust by showing that you understand your customer’s business
  • Improve sales efficiency by automating time-consuming manual preparation
  • Create customer-specific business cases in minutes
ROI/TCO Analysis Tools
Diagnostic tools and calculators that credibly articulate business value
  • Easily generate customer-specific ROI analyses that prove your product value
  • Clearly quantify benefits, costs, performance, TCO, ROI, and more
  • Communicate results with eye-catching displays and output documentation
Product Configuration Tools
Tools that configure solutions, estimate product costs/benefits, and personalize CPQ documentation
  • Create solutions that maximize customer value
  • Reduce sales engineering effort and eliminate sales bottlenecks
  • Simplify configurator design by using Excel-based logic
Excel-to-Word Document Automation
Create/update Word documents based on Excel logic, analysis, data, tables, and charts
  • Innovative add-in for Office 2016 / Office 365
  • Automate your customer proposals, recurring business/financial reports, custom engineering datasheets, and more

Key Features - Why Clients Choose Us

  • Excel or cloud-based tool options (easily publish to your website)
  • Easy to create and maintain (uses Excel-based logic)
  • Powerful document generation (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and online results reports)
  • Totally customizable tools and reports
  • Robust security, data capture, usage monitoring, and analytics
  • Centralized control via administrator web portal
  • 3rd party certification options to enhance credibility
  • Comprehensive tool templates to get started fast

AnalysisPlace has over 12 years of experience in designing value-focused analytical sales tools. We can help you design, publish, and support a highly-effective tool.


What Clients Say about AnalysisPlace

“AnalysisPlace’s innovative and quality ROI modeling services were instrumental in justifying highly complex customer projects at Microsoft. Deep understanding of business, finance, and technology enabled Andrew Hall and his team to do magnificent work and develop high quality solutions that are still being used today.”

  Daniel Yu, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

“AnalysisPlace has tools to better help us give prospects quantified insights into how we can contribute to their bottom line. The AnalysisPlace team was professional to work with, offered advice on best practices, and delivered a comprehensive business case tool in a short amount of time.”

  Cyndi Tackett, VP Sales Engineering, Flexera

“AnalysisPlace’s expertise in combining domain knowledge in finance with technical capabilities helped us build a sophisticated model for presenting complex IT financial analyses to our customers. The team's attention to detail and ‘get it done’ attitude allowed us to deliver our product to our customers on time and with great satisfaction.”

  David Tijerina, Director of Engineering

“Andrew Hall (AnalysisPlace) effectively collaborated with our team to develop a world-class Business Impact Analysis toolset. The toolset seamlessly integrates a web-based tool that can be leveraged by prospective clients and a sales organization in a collaborative environment. I highly recommend AnalysisPlace due to Andrew’s professionalism, excellent tool development capabilities, and great service.”

  Scott Yelton, Director of Product Development, EarthLink Business

“AnalysisPlace’s tool-development methodology has been validated and certified to be in compliance with International Institute of IT Economics (IIIE) standards. IIIE standards compliance and certification can contribute to the credibility and effectiveness of TCO/ROI-focused vendor sales tools.”

  Bill Kirwin, Founder of the International Institute of IT Economics and original creator of Gartner's IT TCO methodology

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