Document Automation

Excel-to-Word Document Automation

Update Word and PowerPoint documents from content in your Excel workbooks using robust portable links.

Automate your customer proposals, recurring business/financial reports, assessment results, data-intensive contracts, and more!

The add-in is successfully used by many individuals and small to large organizations to improve productivity and document quality.

Quick/secure install via the Microsoft Office Store.

Works with Office for Windows and Office for Mac

Requires Microsoft Office 365 (Subscription Version) or Office 2019 or newer


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Excel-to-Word Logo showing how Excel can update to Word or PowerPoint

Excel workbook's text, tables, charts and images can easily be linked to any Word or PowerPoint document

What It Does

The Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in automates updating of Excel-based content into Word and PowerPoint documents. Updatable content includes text, lists, tables, charts, and images. Update any new or existing Word/PowerPoint document with content from any new or existing Excel workbook.

Unlike native Office linking, the links are durable and portable.

The add-in includes sample documents to get you started.


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Common Usage Scenarios

This add-in can be used in a wide variety of document automation use cases. Here are a few: 
  • Customer business cases (from an Excel-based ROI/TCO Tool) 
  • Personalized sales and marketing collateral, including proposals and quotes 
  • Custom product documentation (from Excel sizing/capacity/configurator) 
  • Recurring financial reports (from Excel analysis) 
  • Custom datasheets (from engineering/scientific calculations in Excel)

The free "Basic" version does not require registration or login and is a great option to evaluate the add-in and for users with basic content automation needs. Fee-based versions are also available to enable significantly more usage and business features.

Overview and Getting Started


Key Features: 

  • Easy/secure download and install via the Microsoft Office Store
  • Single add-in for all 3 apps (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • Single Excel document can update both Word and PowerPoint files
  • Content links are portable & very durable:
    • Content links between Excel and Word/PowerPoint are durable (can be shared with others and will still update properly)
    • Links are easy to maintain and update
    • Linked content can be copy/pasted into other documents
  • Built on robust, secure, and very scalable Microsoft platform
  • Personal Templates allow you to automatically create customized reports from a drop-down list found in the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in.
  • Free-forever versions available for evaluation and basic usage





Free Forever

no registration or login required
  • Evaluation & Light Usage
  • 50 basic documents 1st month;
    10 per month thereafter
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Easy to get started: Update your 1st document in 10 min.



per User per Month
  • Standard business usage & light authoring
  • 50 basic documents per month



per User per Month
  • Extensive usage and authoring
  • 400 large documents per month



Advanced Features to Develop & Manage Excel-Based Tools


  • Multi-user subscription
  • Flexible Fixed and Usage-Based (only pay for what you use) Subscriptions
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Free Trial
Highly Recommended

See subscription and pricing details

Add-In Requirements / Compatibility

This add-in requires Microsoft Office (primarily Office 365 subscription version). It must be added to Excel and either Word or PowerPoint.

  • Office 365 for Windows (subscription version)
  • Office for Mac: requires version 15.34 or later.
  • Office 2019+: all Windows and Mac versions are compatible.
  • Office Online, via OneDrive: compatible, but with some limitations.
  • Most Office 2016 perpetual (non-subscription) versions are not compatible.





Customer Use Case: Greenleaf Energy Advisors Solar Energy Assessment

Customer Use Case - Greenleaf Solar Energy Assessment

Ratings and Reviews



Microsoft AppSource

Customer Praise

“Fantastic Add-In. I'm having a great experience with it, I did some research and it's by far the easiest method for transferring data from Excel to Word. My company has some quite complicated Excel documents and I was able to name 141 cells of varying content and have them transfer over into a word template report.”

    Brian O.

"The embedded links from Microsoft are clunky and unreliable. Excel-to-Word has proved to be an excellent solution to lengthy financial reports that require Excel cells, ranges, and tables."

  James J.

“Fantastic is all I can say - this automation has changed my life. If you create content in Excel and then reports, letters in Word .... then just give it a try.... it will make you smile. Well done to the team at AnalysisPlace. The first time software made me smile... ever.”

  George B.

“This app is great for transferring Excel data into Word documents, which makes it easier to update monthly reports and financial reports when the numbers change.”

  Ian S.

“Great time saver. Easy to use. This was a lifesaver. After a little time investment, I'm banging out great looking customized proposals with ease.”

  Scott B.

“It saves me at least half an hour per week on writing sales reports as it transforms all the tables and numbers properly.”

  Bojan M.

Supplemental Solutions

Consider these highly-recommended related solutions that build on the core add-in.

Document Generation

Boost productivity of your team with template-based document generation from within Excel

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Template-based Word or PowerPoint Document Generation from Excel

  • Empower your team to easily create Word and PowerPoint documents from within their Excel assessment tools -- simply select one of your templates from a drop-down list and click "Create Document"
  • Ensure your team is using on-brand, approved, up-to-date templates
  • Any Word/PowerPoint document "linked" using the core add-in can be used as a template
  • The add-in makes it easy to upload and manage document templates and associated Excel-based tools

Excel Assessment Management Tools

Protect and manage Excel-based assessment tools that are used by multiple users

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Excel Assessment Management Tools

  • Manage assessment tools that are used by multiple users
  • Key Features: version control, access control, protection, restore defaults, usage analytics, and more
  • Common "managed" assessment tools: product configurators, sales tools, and valuation calculators
  • Can be combined with Document Generation


Add Word or PowerPoint document generation to your app, website, or service via our REST service

for developers and system integrators

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  • Submit JSON-based data from your app and receive calculated results and/or updated documents
    • Document generation API that returns updated Word/PowerPoint template-based documents based on submitted data
    • Cloud-based calculator that returns data and charts based on submitted inputs and your Excel-based logic, calculations, and data lookups
  • Templates, JSON data structure, and Excel logic are easily created and tested via our Office Add-In
  • Any Word/PowerPoint document "linked" using the core add-in can be used as a template