Document Automation

Excel-to-Word Document Automation

Update/create Word and PowerPoint content (text, tables, and charts) based on Excel data and calculations.

Automate your customer proposals, recurring business/financial reports, assessment results, data-intensive contracts, and more! Quick/secure install via the Microsoft Office Store.

Works with Office for Windows, Office for Mac, and Office Online

Requires Microsoft Office 365 (Subscription Version) or Office 2019

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What It Does

The Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in automates updating of Excel-based content into Word and PowerPoint documents. Updatable content includes text, tables, and charts. It also makes it easy to link the “dynamic” content to be updated. Update any new or existing Word/PowerPoint document with content from any new or existing Excel workbook. It is easy to link existing spreadsheets and documents. The add-in includes sample documents (an Excel ROI calculator and a Word business case) to get you started.

Common Usage Scenarios

This add-in can be used in a wide variety of document automation scenarios. Here are a few: 
  • Customer business cases (from an Excel-based ROI/TCO Tool) 
  • Personalized sales and marketing collateral, including proposals and quotes 
  • Custom product documentation (from Excel sizing/capacity/configurator) 
  • Recurring financial reports (from Excel analysis) 
  • Custom datasheets (from engineering/scientific calculations in Excel)

The free "Basic" version does not require registration or login and is a great option to evaluate the add-in and for users with basic content automation needs. Fee-based versions are also available to enable premium and enterprise features and require an account. 

Overview and Getting Started

Key Features: 

  • Easy/secure download and install via the Microsoft Office Store
  • Single add-in for all 3 apps (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • Single Excel document can update both Word and PowerPoint files
  • Works on Office for Mac, Office for Windows, and Office Online
  • Content links are very durable & customizable
    • Content links between Excel and Word/PowerPoint are durable (can be shared with others and will still update properly)
    • Links are easy to maintain and update
    • Linked content can be copy/pasted into other documents
  • Built on robust, secure, and very scalable Microsoft platform
  • Free-forever versions available for evaluation and basic usage





Free Forever

no registration or login required
  • Evaluation & Light Usage
  • 50 basic documents 1st month;
    10 per month thereafter
Get Started
Easy to get started: Update your 1st document in 10 min.



per User per Month
  • Standard business usage & light authoring
  • 50 basic documents per month



per User per Month
  • Extensive usage and authoring
  • 400 large documents per month



Advanced Features to Develop & Manage Excel-Based Tools


  • Multi-user subscription
  • Flexible Fixed and Usage-Based (only pay for what you use) Subscriptions
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Free Trial
Highly Recommended

See subscription and pricing details

Add-In Requirements / Compatibility

This add-in requires Microsoft Office (primarily Office 365 subscription version). It must be added to Excel and either Word or PowerPoint.

  • Office 365 for Windows (subscription version):  requires version 1705 (Build 8121.1000) or later.
  • Office 2016 for Windows (non-subscription):  requires version 16.0.4678.1000 or later.  Most Office 2016 installed versions are not compatible.
  • Office for Mac: requires version 15.34 or later.
  • Office 2019: all Windows and Mac versions are compatible.
  • Office Online, via OneDrive: compatible, but with some limitations.





Customer Use Case: Greenleaf Energy Advisors Solar Energy Assessment

Customer Use Case - Greenleaf Solar Energy Assessment

Team and Enterprise Editions

Empower your users to create information-intensive Word and PowerPoint documents with the click of a button - from within Excel

The Enterprise features enable you to create, deploy, manage, and monitor Excel-based tools that are used by multiple users.

  • Boost user productivity with powerful Office-based document automation
  • Harness the power, flexibility, and familiarity of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Overcome the challenges of existing Excel-based tools with features like Version Control, Access Control, Usage Analytics, and Data Protection

See how Cisco empowers their employees and partners with these simple, yet powerful, capabilities.

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Many organizations have Excel workbooks (tools) that they want to be able to share with multiple users, but have challenges related to version control, security, usage monitoring, and ease of use.  The Enterprise features are designed to overcome these challenges.

These features allow you to use or author your own Excel workbooks and Word and PowerPoint output reports.  You administer the features via the Admin Console (part of the add-in). AnalysisPlace hosts the solution and provides usage data.

It is a very cost-effective solution designed specifically for organizations that want to publish Excel-based tools to multiple users.

The Enterprise features help in 3 ways:

  1. Prepare the workbook for deployment to your users with features that help you to protect the workbook and to create report templates
  2. Improve user productivity by ensuring that users use current versions of the tools and data; as well as the ability to easily create and update word and or PowerPoint reports from within excel
  3. Manage the workbooks and the templates, and to monitor usage with features such as access control, version control, data updating, and usage analytics

Key Benefits

  • Support and manage multiple Excel-based tools; each tool can have multiple report templates
  • Powerful and flexible Word and PowerPoint reporting
  • Easy to convert and automate existing Excel spreadsheets and Word/PowerPoint reports
  • Flexible, cost-effective subscription options (fixed or active user)
  • Compatible with Windows and Macs (requires Office 365 subscription)
  • Easy to configure user options using the Admin Console
  • No software to install – only requires user to sign into the existing Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-In 

The Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-In is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution developed by AnalysisPlace.  This add-in is freely available via Microsoft’s AppSource.  Users must be registered via AnalysisPlace to receive additional fee-based usage and features. The Enterprise features are added to this solution. It allows you to use or author your own Excel workbooks and Word and PowerPoint output reports. You administer the features via the Admin Console (part of the add-in). AnalysisPlace hosts the solution and provides usage data.