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How to insert the add-in and use the sample content

Sample Content and How-to Guide

The best way to see how the add-in works and to try a variety of features is to use the "Sample Content and How-to Guide" documents.

Follow the simple steps on the "Start" tab of the add-ins, under "To Get Started" and "Insert Sample Content".

The sample content exists for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


The add-in contains further instructions, including how to link documents to automate Word and PowerPoint content updates (from Excel calculations, data, and charts).

Note that you cannot add new add-ins to protected Excel workbooks (in Windows). You must first add the add-in to a new or unprotected document (you only need to do this once). Then open your protected workbook, then you should be able to activate the add-in from the ribbon "Home" tab.

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Authoring Basics - How to Link Content

Two Ways to Insert the Add-in:

Preferred Method: From Within Your Office Application






  1. To get started, in Excel (then Word or PowerPoint), on the Home tab select Add-ins


  2. Click "Get Add-ins"


  3. In the search box enter "Excel to Word"
  4. Click "Add" and agree to the terms and conditions
  5. The add-in will appear on the right side of the Home ribbon and open in the right task panel


Issues getting started? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

If you cannot access the Office Store: if you see "Sorry, Microsoft 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisition of Office Store add-ins.", it means your Microsoft 365 administrator has disabled access to the Office Store. You can ask your administrator to deploy the add-in for you using Centralized Deployment.

Excel screenshot showing how add-ins can be added from the home pageSearch Office Add-ins for the Excel-to-Word Documentation Add-inExcel screenshot showing how the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in will open in the right panel of Excel.




Preferred Method: From Within Older Office Application Versions


  1. To get started, in Excel (then Word or PowerPoint), select the "Insert" tab on the ribbon.  In the "Add-ins" section, select "Get Add-ins"


  2. In the search box, enter "Excel-to-Word Document Automation", then select "Add"and agree to the terms and conditions before selecting "Continue"


  3. The add-in icon should appear in the ribbon on the "Home" tab on the right side. Select "Got it" to activate it.



How to find the add-in using an older version of Excel

Alternate Method: From Microsoft's AppSource Website


  1. Use the above AppSource Badge to access our add-in directly through Microsoft.


  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account or sign up for a new free account. If you are a Microsoft 365 Admin you will be able to deploy the add-in to your entire organization or specific users or groups from this page.


  3. Choose an application to get started


  4. Launch the Add-in by choosing “Got it” then click on the Add-in to open.


  5. Start in the application you just opened or open a new or existing application.
Step by step instructions on accessing the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in from  Microsoft's AppSource Website





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