Get Started

The Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in

Two Ways to Get Started:

From Within Your Office Application (Preferred Method)


  1. To get started, in Excel (then Word or PowerPoint), select the "Insert" tab on the ribbon.  In the "Add-ins" section, select "Get Add-ins"


  2. In the search box, enter "Excel-to-Word Document Automation", then select "Add"and agree to the terms and conditions before selecting "Continue"


  3. The add-in icon should appear in the ribbon on the "Home" tab on the right side. Select "Got it" to activate it.


If you cannot access the Office Store: if you see "Sorry, Microsoft 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisition of Office Store add-ins.", it means your Microsoft 365 administrator has disabled access to the Office Store. You can ask your administrator to deploy the add-in for you using Centralized Deployment.

From Microsoft's AppSource Website


  1. Use the above AppSource Badge to access our add-in directly through Microsoft.


  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account or sign up for a new free account. If you are a Microsoft 365 Admin you will be able to deploy the add-in to your entire organization or specific users or groups from this page.


  3. Choose an application to get started


  4. Launch the Add-in by choosing “Got it” then click on the Add-in to open.


  5. Start in the application you just opened or open a new or existing application.


Sample Content and How-to Guide

The best way to see how it works and to try a variety of features is to use the "Sample Content and How-to Guide" documents.

Follow the simple steps on the "Start" tab of the add-ins, under "To Get Started" and "Insert Sample Content".

The sample content exists for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


The add-in contains further instructions, including how to link documents to automate Word and PowerPoint content updates (from Excel calculations, data, and charts).

Note that you cannot add new add-ins to protected Excel workbooks (in Windows). You must first add the add-in to a new or unprotected document (you only need to do this once). Then open your protected workbook, then you should be able to activate the add-in from the ribbon "Home" tab.

If you have any issues, Contact Us

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