Personal Templates

Personal Template Document Generation

Instantly create personalized Word and PowerPoint documents from within your Excel workbook

Personal Templates allow you to automatically create customized reports from a drop-down list found in the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in. 

If you regularly update certain Word or PowerPoint documents (from data in Excel), this feature greatly improves productivity.

  • Save time and increase accuracy -- avoid manual copy and paste from Excel
  • Any Word.docx or PowerPoint.pttx document "linked" to your Excel workbook can be used as a template
  • Our add-in makes it easy to link and manage your document templates
  • Templates are stored securely in Microsoft Azure cloud storage -- no one else can access your templates or created documents

Personal Templates are an optional (and faster) way to create documents using the add-in

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Personal Template Overview




Personal Template Examples

  • Create data-intensive proposals, reports, and presentations with a click of a button

  • Easily create customer invoices

  • Generate frequently-used legal contracts and agreements based content in Excel workbooks

  • Make it easier to create and automatically fill out a wide variety of forms using your Word or PowerPoint templates


How to get started using Personal Templates

How to use Personal Templates



Personal Templates can be found on the submit tab of the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in in Excel


How to use Personal Templates (yellow numbers)

  1. After making changes to your Excel workbook, choose the template from the drop-down that you want to update

  2. Click on "Create Document"

  3. Once the document has been created click “Download Report” to download your updated template

How to upload Personal Templates (green numbers)
  1. Open “Manage Templates” by clicking on the “+”

  2. Click on “Add New Template”

  3. Change “Report Title” to the name of your Template and add a Template Description if desired

  4. Browse your documents for the linked Word or PowerPoint Template you wish to upload. If you haven’t linked and tested your template yet, instructions can be found here.

  5. Upload your template - it will appear in the drop-down list under personal templates

Document Generation Options

Consider Business Templates if you want to make templates available to multiple users. For example, empower your sales team to rapidly create proposals from approved templates.

  Personal Templates Business Templates

Typical Usage Scenarios

Any individual user who updates the same documents many times with new information

Create frequently-updated documents quickly

Templates that are shared by multiple users

Ensure your team is using approved and up-to-date templates

Template Management

Individual user can upload their own templates

Designated user (admin) within the company

Who can use templates

Only that individual user

Any authorized employee, partner, or reseller


No additional cost, personal templates are included in individual subscriptions

No additional cost, business templates are included with Business subscriptions

Number of stored templates

1-50 depending on subscription limit

50-100 company-wide
Template update limits

Personal template usage is including in your individual subscription

Business template usage is including in your Business subscription level

How to get started

Personal templates can be found on the submit tab of our add-in

Free 30-day trial/Business subscription