We offer individual and multi-user subscriptions. Multi-user subscriptions can be usage-based or fixed. 

Individual Subscription Pricing 

Subscriptions have 3 usage levels (Standard, Pro, and Elite). 

Usage Tier 

Price (Monthly) 

Usage Limits Summary

Usage Examples 



50 basic document updates per month 

  • Sales rep updates several types of 10-page proposals and presentations for customers once per week 
  • Accountant updates several financial reports monthly containing several dynamic lists, tables, and charts. 
  • An executive updates several monthly PowerPoint business status presentations containing dozens of tables and charts
Pro $29.95 400 large/complex updates per month
  • Researcher updates weekly research reports containing ~50 tables and 12 graphs
  • Paralegal updates finance-intensive contracts with dozens of text and tables and several graphs for clients (~20 per month)
  • Real estate assessor updates several 40-page valuation reports every day
  • Marketing consultant updates 100-slide PowerPoint documents containing ~115 large charts several times per month
Elite $79.95 2,000 large/complex document updates per month
  • Sales support specialist produces approx. 12 data-intensive 60-page Word proposals and several 30-slide PowerPoint presentations every day for his sales team
  • Analyst updates extensive 100-page client assessment reports for her team of consultants. Each report contains hundreds of text updates, 25 large tables, and 20 chart images.
  • Marketing manager conducts 100+ CRM-sourced mail-merge-type operations every week creating highly customized profesional-looking 20-page proposals

Usage limits the first month are significantly higher to allow for experimentation and testing. The add-in shows your usage levels (as a % of your limit) as you make updates and indicates when you approach your monthly limit. 

Usage Limit Details:

Purchase here:

You can cancel at any time. You can also switch usage tier at any time by cancelling one subscription and adding another. 

Multi-User Organizational Pricing  

We offer 2 simple/flexible "no signature" subscription options. The contracts are "executed" via a small initial PayPal payment. 

They can be cancelled/modified at any time. Receive a full refund, if requested within 30 days. 

Most organizations start with the "Usage-Based" option due to its flexibility. 

The subscriptions can include either the "Core Feature Edition" or the incremental features in "Business Feature Edition". 

Use this form to request more information or to get started

Usage-Based Subscription (Only pay for what you use) 

Fees are based on actual usage levels (by user). Usage-Based Subscriptions are for a minimum of five users. This option can be substantially less expensive if user usage levels fluctuate or if users use it sporadically.  

Users within your organization can automatically and instantly be added simply by registering (based on their email domain). There is no need to provide or maintain a named-user list (unless desired).  

There is no fee for users who don’t use the service during a month. 

This option includes unlimited free usage the 1st month to evaluate usage levels. 

AnalysisPlace provides a monthly usage report (by user). Payment is via PayPal or traditional invoices. 

Usage Tier Core Feature Edition Business Feature Edition
Inactive $0 $0
Standard $15.00 $26.00
Pro $45.00 $62.00
Elite $120.00 $152.00

Prices are per user per month 

Fixed Subscription 

Fixed price per user per month (e.g. 4 'Pro' Subscriptions at $29.95 each). 

This option is best if usage by user is consistent.  

It is rare to require more than a 'Pro' level subscription. But if a user does approach the limit (usage as a % of the limit is shown in the add-in), we can adjust the subscription any time and add the additional cost to the subsequent month's invoice. 

This is simply set up as a PayPal monthly subscription. 

Usage Tier Core Feature Edition Business Feature Edition
Standard $9.95 $20.00
Pro $29.95 $44.00
Elite $79.95 $104.00

Contract Subscriptions 

The above simplified contracts include full security and privacy protections, however if you'd prefer a traditional contract with signatures, that's fine too. Let us know and we'll send you a draft contract. 

Volume Licensing

We offer discounts and support for organizations with at least 10 active users.

API (Application Programming Interface) Access 

We offer 2 truly innovative APIs: a template-based document generation service and an Excel-based calculation service. Your app or system submits JSON data -- our service returns calculated results and/or updated documents. Our add-in makes it very easy to design/configure your document/calculator templates.  

Access to our APIs is usage-based. We offer a free trial and help getting started. 

Learn more: 

Paid Support or Consulting Services 

We offer three paid support options available to help our customers: Basic Support, Advanced Support, and Consulting Services. For details, see  

Features by Edition 

Core Feature Edition: Includes all features individual users need to link and update documents 

Business Feature Edition: Includes additional features designed to empower teams who share one or more Excel-based tools and associated Word and PowerPoint reports. 


Feature Description Core Feature Edition Business Feature Edition
Word Updates
  • Update Word documents from Excel content
  • Word documents are updated on your computer using the add-in
  • Update text, lists, tables, chart images, and images of ranges
PowerPoint Updates
  • Update PowerPoint documents from Excel content
  • PowerPoint documents are securely updated in the cloud
  • Update text, lists, tables, images of ranges & charts, and native graphs/charts
Authoring and Linking Tools
  • The add-in contains easy-to-use features that enable you to select/name content in Excel that you want to have updated in Word or PowerPoint. It also has tools to link/map content in Word/PowerPoint
Basic and Advanced Features
  • In addition to the basic features, all users access advanced features, including: Advanced Graphs, Automatic Table Resizing, Inserting HTML Content, Conditional Sections (Document Assembly), Conditional Submit, Table Merged Cells, and Dynamic Lists and Paragraphs
Personal Templates
  • Rapid "Document Generation" from within your Excel workbooks
  • Any Word or PowerPoint document "Linked" using the add-in can be a template
Sample Templates
  • Download, modify, and use our templates to help you get started fast. Our templates demonstrate how use basic and advanced features, such as Mail Merge, currency and language switching, and professional-looking layouts/designs
  • Optionally enable the add-in to automatically open the add-in with specified workbooks

Business Templates

Template-based Document Generation

  • This very powerful capability allows users to create template-based Word and PowerPoint reports from a drop-down list within Excel
  • Templates are managed by a designated administrator
  • Ensures that users are using up-to-date approved documents
  • The templates are very easy to create and maintain (any document "linked" using the "Core" version can be a template)
Excel Assessment features
  • Restore Defaults - Restore modified values back to their original/default values and formulas
  • Data Migration – Easily transfer data from one workbook to another (e.g. for version upgrades)
Manage & Monitor Usage
  • Tools to secure, manage, and monitor Excel-based tools, including: Workbook Management, Workbook Protection, Version Control, Access Control, Data Capture & Analytics, Data Refresh, Data Protection, and Usage Reporting & Analytics
API Access and Tools
  • Template-based document generation service and an Excel-based calculation service
  • API and template management is conducted via the add-in
  • API usage pricing is incremental to the subscription

Simplified Multi-User Subscription Agreements 

Below are sample agreements for the simplified agreements. The appropriate wording will be included in the PayPal invoice. Payment indicates acceptance of the terms. 

Usage-Based Subscription Agreement 

Payment of this invoice allows for customer to utilize the AnalysisPlace Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in service, starting on the date of receipt of the first payment, as described below. The parties agree to abide by AnalysisPlace’s Terms of Use:

AnalysisPlace will provide a full refund if requested up to 30 days after initial purchase. The subscription may be cancelled at any time.   

The initial paid invoice of $50 entitles the customer organization to unlimited usage the 1st month to evaluate usage levels. There will be no invoice at the end of the 1st month. Subsequent months' invoices will be based on actual individual usage. The minimum monthly fee is $50. 

Price tier is determined monthly based on actual individual usage. For example, if user usage exceeds a limit for “Standard” tier, then “Pro” tier pricing will apply for that user that month. If user exceeds a limit for the “Pro” tier, then “Elite” tier pricing will apply.   

Usage limits are defined here:   

Usage-Based Subscription Type Pricing: 

Usage Tier Core Feature Edition Business Feature Edition
Inactive $0 $0
Standard $15.00 $26.00
Pro $45.00 $62.00
Elite $120.00 $152.00

If a user does not use the service during a month, then no fee is applied for that user. If no users use the service during a month, the $50 organizational minimum monthly fee would apply.

AnalysisPlace will provide a monthly usage report that contains usage (update count, data transferred (MB), and ItemPoints) by user. It will also include the tier (Inactive, Standard, Pro, Elite) by user based on each user’s actual usage. 

Example Monthly Invoice: 

User Name Word Updates PowerPoint Updates Total Update Count Item Points Transfer Size (kb) Subscription Level  Cost
User 1 0 0 0 0 0 Free $0
User 2 30 10 40 5,000 2,000 Standard $15.00
User 3 250 0 250 25,000 10,000 Pro $45.00
Total             $60.00

Payment terms are net 30 days. Payments (after the initial $50) can be made via PayPal, check, or bank deposit and can be based on the customer’s standard accounts payable process (e.g. purchase order). 

Each of the parties agree to keep confidential any information obtained from the other party (except information publicly available). Also see our Privacy Policy:

Fixed Subscription Agreement

Monthly payment of this invoice allows the customer to utilize the AnalysisPlace Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in subscription, starting on the date of receipt of the first payment.

Subscription Type Quantity Monthly Price Each Core Feature Edition Quantity Monthly Price Each Business Feature Edition Monthly Total
Standard ? $9.95 ? $20.00 $
Pro ? $29.95 ? $44.00 $
Elite ? $79.95 ? $104.00 $
Total         $

Usage limits are defined here:

Use of the Add-in is governed by AnalysisPlace’s Terms of Use:

The subscription may be cancelled at any time via your PayPal account or by contacting AnalysisPlace.  Subscription levels (Standard, Pro, Elite) may be changed at any time upon request. Usage limits for upgrades will increase immediately and upgrade pricing will be applied to the next invoice. Downgrade pricing and limits will apply starting at the end of the month (contingent on paying a minimum of 3 months at the higher level).

Customer must notify AnalysisPlace of the email addresses of the users so AnalysisPlace can enable access. Users must be registered at to obtain access via the add-in. AnalysisPlace will enable access upon receipt of payment and email addresses as soon as practicable (typically within 24 hours).

Each of the parties agree to keep confidential any information obtained from the other party (except information publicly available). Also see our Privacy Policy:

AnalysisPlace will provide a full refund if requested up to 30 days after initial purchase.