API Pricing


API pricing is usage-based and starts at $0.08 per document update and $0.24 per calculation session.

Pricing is based on credits: updating a large document consumes more credits than updating a small document; and performing complex calculations consumes more credits than simple calculations.

Credits are determined based on:

  • volume of data submitted (in kilobytes)
  • number of items (tables, text items, images, and charts) updated and/or number of inputs/outputs calculated
  • size of the document updated or workbook template (in kilobytes)

If using the combined API service, then the Update and Calculation credit consumption will be summed.

The minimum monthly fee to access the API is $69.00.

This credit-based pricing scheme is designed to support cost-effective updating of small documents as well as extremely large/complex documents and calculations (small update volumes as well as very large volumes).

Payments can be a monthly recurring PayPal subscription. Or if fees exceed the minimum, then AnalysisPlace will provide a monthly invoice payable via PayPal, check, or bank deposit.

AnalysisPlace will provide a monthly usage report.

We also offer volume-based discounts (up to 80%).

API administration (to test/upload templates) requires at least one user account. Free registered-user accounts may be sufficient.


Document Update Examples

The examples below illustrate cost of 3 document updating scenarios.

Size / Complexity Credits Consumed Cost Example Description
Small 1.10 $0.09 3-page/slide document with 5 text items and 2 tables (4x4) updated.
Medium 1.88 $0.15 20-page/slide document with 25 text items; 6 tables (6x4), 8 images (charts), and 4 graphs updated.
Large 8.74 $0.70 100-page/slide document with 200 text items; 20 tables (8x20), 20 images (charts), and 15 graphs updated.
Calculation Service Examples

The examples below illustrate cost of 3 calculation session scenarios. A calculation session includes entering the inputs into the workbook template, calculating the results, and returning the requested outputs.

Size / Complexity Credits Consumed Cost Example Description
Small 3.24 $0.26 Basic workbook with 3 input cells, 2 output cells, and 2 output tables
Medium 4.39 $0.35 5-tab workbook with 5 input cells, 10 output cells, 1 input table, 5 output tables (6x4), and 6 output chart images
Large 12.70 $1.02 5MB, 14-tab workbook with 30 input cells, 70 output cells, 7 input tables, 13 output tables (8x20), and 20 output chart images


Credit Consumption Details

The table below shows how credits are consumed for Document Updates and Calculation Sessions.

  Document Update Calculation Session
  Credits Comments Credits Comments
Update Count 1.000 per document update 3.000 per calculation session
Text Items 0.010 per text item updated (includes lists) 0.030 per text item in the request + response
Table Count 0.010 per table updated 0.030 per table in the request + response
Table Cell Count 0.0005 per table cell in all tables updates 0.0005 per table cell in the request + response
Image Count 0.010 per image updated 0.030 per image in the response
Graph Count 0.020 per graph/chart updated na not applicable
Graph Cell Count 0.002 per cell in source of all charts updated na not applicable
Data 0.0010 per KB (kilobyte) of data submitted in the request 0.0030 per KB (kilobyte) of data in the request + response
File Size 0.0001 per KB (kilobyte) of the resulting (updated) document file size 0.0003 per KB (kilobyte) of the workbook file size

Volume Discounts

The table below shows cost per credit by usage level and the maximum number of document and workbook templates that can be stored by usage level.

Credits per Month

Cost per Credit
Maximum # of Templates
in Template Storage^
1 - 999  $0.080 50
1,000 - 9,999  $0.064 100
10,000 - 99,999  $0.048 200
100,000 - 999,999  $0.032 400
1,000,000 +   $0.016 800

 ^Word or PowerPoint documents (for Document Generation API) and/or Excel workbooks (for Calculation API)

Cost Calculator

Use the calculator below to estimate your monthly costs. Customize the yellow input cell values for your expected usage.