Transfer Method

Content Transfer Method: Direct versus Cloud

Starting April 4, 2020, "Direct" will be the default method in Windows to transfer content data from the Excel add-in to Word and PowerPoint add-ins.

By default Office for Windows Word add-in updates are now performed without uploading any content. Macs will still use Cloud transfers due to technical limitations.

Most other operations require uploading your content and/or your documents because these operations must be performed in the cloud on AnalysisPlace servers (not on your device). 

Direct Transfer: "Submit" in Excel stores your submitted content on your device using standard web storage (similar to cookie storage). Your data/content is not uploaded to the cloud.

Cloud Transfer: "Submit" uploads your submitted content to our secure cloud servers (Microsoft Azure servers). Your data is securely stored there so it can be transferred to Word or PowerPoint. No one else can access/view your data. Before April 2020, this was the default method to transfer content because there was no known reliable and widely supported method to transfer data between add-ins.

The "Transfer Method" is indicated under the "Submit" button in the Excel add-in. 

"Direct" transfer method will be used if your device supports it. If not, "Cloud" transfer will be used by default.

Both methods still require Internet connectivity. All Microsoft Office add-ins run in browsers and require Internet access to load. Both methods also upload usage statistics, authentication data, and error reporting data. As always, extreme caution is used to ensure the security of your data.


Word add-in updates (on Windows) can be performed without any content uploads, but other operations require that content be uploaded to AnalysisPlace servers. 

Operation Requires Content Upload
Word Add-In Updates No (Windows)
Word Cloud Updates Yes
PowerPoint Updates Yes
Personal Templates Yes
Business Templates Yes
Business Features (Workbook Protection, Restore Defaults, Version Control, Workbook Management, Usage Reporting) No
Select Business Features (Data Capture) Yes


Can Direct transfers be verified? Yes, you can use network monitoring software (such as Fiddler) or standard F12 debugging tools to view network traffic to ensure that none of your content data is being transferred off your device. Contact us for details.

Can Direct-only transfers be enforced? Business customers can apply a setting that restricts the upload of user content. Contact us for details.