Word Linking

How to Link Content from Excel-to-Word

The Sample Content documents in our add-in and Get Started page can be a helpful way to see how the add-in works. 


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Authoring Basics - How to Link Content


Word Linking Step-by-Step Guide


Before creating the links in Word, first create and submit your links in Excel

1. Open the Link tab of the add-in

2. Get Excel Source Data, the links you added in Excel will appear under "Link Content to Excel"

3. Choose the content you wish to link from Excel.  In this case, we will link the Text type for the "rpt_CustomerName"

4. Select the area where you want the linked content to appear



5. Create/Update Link

6. You'll see that your selected area is now controlled by a content control



7. Open the Update tab of the add-in

8. Update Document to see changes that you made and submitted from Excel