Free Business Trial

Free Trial for Individuals

Everyone automatically receives free usage for 1 month simply by using the add-in and signing in. You'll automatically gain free access to test with and use the add-in. We recommend starting with the "Insert Sample Content" on the 'Start' tab of the add-in, then create, link, and update your own documents.

After the First month, users get some limited free usage as defined here: Usage Limits (


Free Business Trial (30 to 90 days)

What is Included?

  • Unlimited access to and usage of the add-in for 30 to 90 days.
  • All users (1 to 1000+ users) in your organization get free access.
  • Access to the Admin Portal. The Admin Portal allows you to view detailed usage statistics for your organization. It includes usage statistics by user. It also includes a summary (Including total credits consumed) so that you can estimate costs. See HERE for how to manage your account.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone with a business email who expects to have one or more other coworkers use the add in, is eligible.


How do I Start the Free Trial?

The person that starts the free trial, automatically becomes an account administrator, and has access to the Admin Portal. If it is better to have another user become the account administrator, then have that person sign into the add-in to start the free trial.

Starting the trial is very easy:
  1. Sign into the add in using your business e-mail (using any authentication method)
  2. On the account tab of the add-in, click the “Free Business Trial - CHECK ELIGIBILITY” link. The system will check to see if you are eligible. You can then click the "Start Free Business Trial" button. The system will then set it up and send you an email with additional information.

You and other users in your organization should be able to start using the add-in immediately. 


The system will automatically create the trial so that everyone with your email domain has access. You can modify access permissions in the Admin Portal. For example, you can add other email domains and/or individual users by e-mail. 

See for additional information on how to manage your account. The free trial is managed the same as a “Usage-based" subscription.


To Extend the Trial to 60 and 90 days

Initially the free trial is for 30 days

To encourage you to increase the number of users that try* the add in during the free trial:

  • If at least 5 users have tried the add-in within 30 days, you are eligible to extend the trial to 60 days.
  • if at least 12 users have tried the add-in within 60 days, you are eligible to extend the trial to 90 days.


In the Admin Portal, in the "Subscription Management" section, click "Extend Free Trial". It will check to see how many users have tried it and will indicate if your free trial has been extended.


*any user will be counted if they perform at least 1 update.