Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-In Resources

Getting Started

How to install the add-in and how to author and "link" documents. Also, see Overview and Usage Limits

Trouble Shooting guide to help resolve issues related to getting started.

FAQs and answers

How-To Guides

The best way to learn how to use the add-in is to "Insert Sample Content" on the "Start" tab of the add-in. It contains comprehensive how-to instructions and examples for all of the topics below.

Create Excel Links - How to Create Text, Table and Chart Links in Excel

Word Linking - How to Link Excel content to Word

PowerPoint Linking - How to Link Excel content to PowerPoint content/shapes

Tables - Compares the 3 table types: Destination-formatted tables, Excel-formatted (Flex) tables, and tables sourced from an Excel table/range. Includes pros/cons of each type.

Personal Templates - How to create personalized Word and PowerPoint documents from within your Excel workbook

Merged Cells, Lists, and Table Resizing - How to deal with merged cells, create dynamic lists (bullet point), and automatically resize tables.

Advanced Features Template - Currency Switching, Multi-lingual Reports, Advanced Graphs, Automatic Table Resizing, Table Merged Cells, Dynamic Lists and Paragraphs, Professional Word layouts, Mail Merge, and More

Avoid Individual Cell Updating (e.g. Language Switching) - How to avoid updating specific Word/PowerPoint table cells.

Office Online - How to use the add-in with Excel Online, Word Online, and PowerPoint Online (web-based versions of Office via OneDrive or SharePoint)

Centralized Deployment - Office 365 Administrators can easily deploy the add-in to multiple users using O365 Centralized Deployment


Excel, Word, and PowerPoint templates that you can modify and use to create document automation solutions for your business.

Some of the templates contain examples and instructions on how to use the add-in features and common spreadsheet tool capabilities. 

Business Features (for Multi-User Environments)

Describes features for organizations that want to create and manage Excel-based tools that are used by multiple users. Key features include template-based document generation, version control, workbook management, auto-open, data protection, and usage analysis.

How it Works

Overview of how the AnalysisPlace Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-In updates Word and PowerPoint documents. It also describes the infrastructure (technical architecture) used.

Customer Data Security

This page summarizes what customer data we collect, why we collect it, what we do and don’t do with it, and how we store it. The security and privacy of your data is very important to us, so we are very careful with it. Also, see our Privacy Policy.

Technical Limits

Describes known technical and performance limits when updating documents. These limits only apply to very large/complex document updates.

Support Services

Contact Us - If you are a customer or are interested in our solutions, please Contact Us -- we may be able to help you via email.

Paid Support Services - If you need additional help (getting starting, resolving issues, or conducting more extensive work), request support. We offer Basic and Advanced support, as well as, custom Consulting Services for project-based work.

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