Solution Configuration Tools

Configure products more quickly and accurately:

  • Create optimized solutions that maximize customer value
  • Eliminate rework and costly delays
  • Reduce sales engineering effort and eliminate sales bottlenecks

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Analysis Tools

Prove product value with customer-specific assessments

Web & Excel-based Tools

Personalized Document Generation

Automate the creation of personalized

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  Automate Solution Configuration and CPQ Document Generation

AnalysisPlace creates custom CPQ tools that combine sales configuration and guided selling with personalized value propositions and document generation

Dramatically accelerate sales cycle times and close rates. Reduce sales engineering effort and eliminate sales bottlenecks.

Our tools reduce cost and simplify configurator design by using Excel-based logic.

  • Automate CPQ and proposal document generation (Web, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint formats)
  • Incorporate value propositions (benefits, ROI, TCO savings) that drive buying decisions
  • Base configurations on customer diagnostics
  • Create optimized solutions that maximize customer value
  • Choose from Excel-based or cloud-based tools (easily publish to your website)
  • Easily create product configurations that deliver superior value for customers while increasing cost-competitiveness
  • Increase accuracy by guiding users through the configuration process and automating ordering rules
  • Maintain control over product configuration information, eliminating costly rework and delays that can compromise customer relationships
  • Generate well-described product configuration documents that communicate the value of your solution and show how it addresses each customer’s specific needs

Creating and documenting solutions for demanding customers is a time-consuming and error-prone process – particularly if it is done manually. It requires intimate product and services knowledge, as well as a detailed understanding of customer needs. Not only does it consume substantial amounts of sales engineering time, it can also introduce significant bottlenecks into the sales process.

Create Customer-Specific Configurations in Minutes

AnalysisPlace CPQ software simplifies and automates product configuration. It reduces hours or even days of work by over 80% – making it easy to select products and packages based on required features and capabilities. As a result, salespeople, channel partners and dealers configure solutions more quickly and responsively – creating easily understood product configurations that reduce buying objections and accelerate deal closure. AnalysisPlace can also automatically insert product configurations into proposals, along with key financial justification information such as ROI and TCO analyses.

Increase Accuracy

With AnalysisPlace CPQ tools, sellers generate more accurate product configurations since they are guided through the entire process. They do not require detailed product knowledge – for example, AnalysisPlace product configurator software can embed software license dependencies, so that prerequisite licenses are not omitted from the product configuration.

Maintain Control

All standalone AnalysisPlace configure, price, quote tools can be version-controlled and time-limited, making sure that out-of-date tools are not used to configure products. In addition, AnalysisPlace tools can optionally be hosted on the web, rather than being deployed as standalone tools. Our web based delivery model can be updated as needed – ensuring that the latest version of the online configurator is immediately available to all sellers. This delivers complete control for product management and marketing groups, making certain that what is sold is fully aligned with the latest published product structures and pricing.

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