Transform Your Sales Effectiveness through Personalized Value-based Selling

Show Quantified Value

With AnalysisPlace, customers easily see the specific value that products or services can deliver for their particular business. Sellers are now able to elevate their conversation with the customer, focusing on quantified ROI rather than generic benefits. By personalizing their value proposition, they create clear competitive differentiation and provide a compelling financial argument for investment. This creates vastly increased traction and reduces buying objections.

Build Trust

AnalysisPlace helps sales to demonstrate a deep knowledge of their customer’s business. Instead of just another potential supplier, they become a trusted partner with the credibility needed to influence and guide customers. Customers are encouraged to open up and discuss their business objectives and challenges in detail, enabling sales to strengthen their value proposition and uncover new opportunities by targeting key customer pain points.

Increase Pipeline of Qualified Prospects

AnalysisPlace lead-generation tools engage early-stage prospects in a productive dialogue about the quantified benefits of products and services. Rather than being presented with general information and a contact form, prospects can now easily assess potential ROI within their own business context. This transforms the value of the interaction, leading to increased conversion rates. At the same time, our tools capture key information about the prospect’s potential investment business case, simplifying initial qualification and follow-up.

Close More Deals More Quickly

Sales engagements often stall when they run into competing investment priorities – resulting in significant delays or losses. AnalysisPlace tools maintain momentum and increase win rates by giving customers the financial tools they need to champion purchases through their own internal budgeting and approval processes. Sales can now support customers effectively as they sell internally, delivering timely and targeted financial justifications.

Enhance Sales Productivity

The average salesperson spends more than 55% of their time on preparation, administration and travel – rather than actually with customers. With AnalysisPlace, they recapture up to 20% of this lost time by automating the production of personalized presentations, documents and analyses. They have more time available to drive deals forward, and they also have the personalized engagement tools needed to use this time effectively.

Leverage Our Business Value Expertise

AnalysisPlace tools are backed by experienced business value analysts with a proven track record of selling the value of products and services. We can help you to crystallize and quantify your value proposition, creating selling and ROI analysis tools that resonate with your customers. We also offer a range of authoritative research services that increase the credibility of your AnalysisPlace tools, along with training that shows your salesforce how to use our tools to communicate value effectively throughout the entire sales cycle.