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Business Services and Industrial Products

Sample Customer Pain Points, Value Propositions, and Benefit Statements

To achieve sales growth objectives, it is increasingly important to provide prospects with quantified, personalized value propositions (business cases).  Value-based tools automate the creation of high quality business cases.  Common value-focused tool capabilities for B2B products and services include:

  • Customer business process and needs analysis (diagnostic assessment)
  • Recommend service options or configure products based on customer needs
  • Estimate costs
  • Quantify benefits (cost savings, productivity improvements, revenue growth, etc.)
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis
  • Compare to alternative products or services (or the cost of doing nothing)
  • Create customer-specific documentation (presentations, proposals, business cases)

Customer-facing web-based marketing tools (demand generation tools) are often referred to as “ROI calculators” and often only contain a couple of the above components.  Tools used internally (by sales staff or partners) are typically more comprehensive.

The table below summarizes:  1) Sample Customer Challenges or Pain Points which are familiar to many business service and product buyers.  Effective tools assess customer needs and present solutions (your products) that solve them. 2) Sample Solution Value Propositions that automation tools can personalize and thereby make more compelling. 3) Sample Benefits that business value tools can quantify (must be done credibly), making your business cases substantially more effective.

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Sample Customer Challenges / Pains

Sample Solution Value Propositions

Sample Benefits To Quantify in the Tool

Business, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Recruiting, education and training, consulting, legal, design, engineering, management, scientific, technical services, business support, security, quality control, disposal

Example Vendors: Accenture, Affiliated Computer Services Inc., Exult Inc., Genpact, HCL Technologies, Infosys BPO Limited, Keane, Lason, NCS Pte Ltd, Sykes Enterprises, Teleperformance, Vertex

    • Business and technical performance and quality issues
    • Capability limitations
Extensive specialized expertise and experience enable higher quality services
    • Improve process performance
    • Reduce internal costs
    • Reduce quality issues
Supply Services

Procurement processes, transportation,  warehousing, inventory, customs brokerage, reverse logistics (defective, repair, return), cross-docking, product labeling, packaging, assembly, kitting, distribution, and other logistics processes

Example Vendors: DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker Logistics, Nippon Express, C.H. Robinson, DSV, CEVA Logistics, SDV, Sinotrans

    • Insufficient internal capabilities
    • High costs
    • Performance issues
Global scope/scale and expertise enable lower cost, higher quality services
    • Reduce inventory carrying costs
    • Improve on-time delivery
    • Reduce business process costs
    • Grow revenue
Demand Services

Sales, Marketing, and Support

Customer selection, marketing, sales, customer acquisition, telemarketing, call center, customer support

Example Vendors: 24/7 Customer, Advanced Contact Solutions, Inc, Convergys Corporation, EXL, IQ Resource Pvt. Ltd., Maair Ventures, NCO Financial, PeopleSupport, Stream Global Services, Sykes Enterprises , Teleperformance, Vertex

    • High customer acquisition costs
    • High sales turnover
    • Sales new hire ramp-up time
Low cost, highly trained staff, and technology result in more sales
    • Reduce sales and marketing costs
    • Grow revenue
    • Improve revenue stability
Manufacturing & Operations

Contract Manufacturing, CNC machining,  die casting, grinding, broaching, forging, welding, painting, fabrication, assembly, testing, injection molding, investment casting, injection mold making, metal stamping

Example Vendors: Foxconn, Flextronics Electronics, Jabil, Sanmina-SCI, New Kinpo, Shenzhen Kaifa, Benchmark Electronics, Plexus, Universal Scientific Industrial, Mayville Engineering

    • Not flexible/agile enough
    • High production costs
    • Process is not our core competence
    • Current machinery does not support the needed operation
Specialized equipment, expertise, and economies of scale enable high quality, low cost production
    • Reduce product costs
    • Improve product quality
    • Reduce defects
    • Reduce lead times
    • Improve flexibility/agility
Financial Services

Banking; monetary intermediation; holding companies, trusts, funds and other financial entities; securities; other financial service activities

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, general ledger, tax management, treasury and cash management, credit card, automated clearinghouse, electronic invoice and payment, real estate services

Example Vendors: Genpact, Infosys, Maair Ventures, NCO Financial, PeopleSupport, Teleperformance, Vertex, Serco, iGate

    • Security and fraud incidents
    • Compliance concerns
    • High costs
    • Quality issues
Specialized expertise and technology enable higher quality services at a lower cost
    • Reduce security and fraud incidents
    • Improve compliance and adoption of best practices
    • Reduce service costs
    • Improve process performance
Government and Education Services

National and international government, local and regional government, public administration and defense, social security; higher, primary and secondary education

Eligibility verification, identification, collections, reservations management, visa processing, student admission administration and e-learning

Example Vendors: Affiliated Computer Services Inc., Automatic Data Processing, Capita Plc

    • High labor costs
    • Limited staff flexibility
    • Quality issues
Low cost, highly trained staff combined industry expertise and the right technology result in lower cost, higher quality services
    • Reduce costs
    • Improve service levels
    • Improve constituent satisfaction

Insurance, health insurance, reinsurance and pension funding

Trust administration, investment portfolio management, pension administration, claims processing, policy underwriting, policy servicing and administration, actuarial, data processing, and data warehousing

Example Vendors: ADP, EXL, Infosys, Paychex, PeopleSupport, Xchanging

    • Compliance and security concerns
    • High costs
    • Inadequate internal expertise
Technology-enabled automation, specialized expertise, and economies of scale enable lower cost, higher quality services
    • Reduce service costs
    • Reduce security and fraud incidents
    • Improve compliance
    • Improve process performance

Ambulatory services, physician practices, and at-home services, hospitals, hospital systems, nursing and residential care

Health information management, patient financial management, contract management, rule/coding content, evidenced-based medicine, computerized patient records, patient access management, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), practice management, lab and pharmacy systems, care systems

Example Vendors: Affiliated Computer Services Inc., Amrutanjan Healthcare, EXL, Paychex 

    • Outdated systems and processes are inefficient and ineffective
    • Continued rapid regulatory changes
    • Compliance concerns
Health system automation and adoption of best practices will enable higher quality services and lower costs
    • Improve standards adoption and compliance
    • Improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes
    • Lower cost of services
Industrial Products

Electrical and industrial machinery and equipment, construction machinery and vehicles, civil engineering, construction of industrial plants and facilities, chemicals, materials, metals, minerals

Example Vendors: United Technologies, Caterpillar Inc., Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, ABB, Schlumberger Ltd., Raytheon Co., Fluor Corp., Gen'l Electric, Hitachi, ArcelorMittal, BHP Billiton, Canon, Repsol-YPF, Intel, Alcoa, Flextronics, Wyeth, Tesoro, Philips Electronics, Dow Chemical, Du Pont, PPG, Air Products, Rohm and Haas, Eastman Chemical, NOVA Chemicals, Ecolab, Airgas

    • Outdated equipment
    • Ineffective material properties
    • High costs
    • Limited equipment capabilities
Upgrade to newest equipment enables improved control and process outputs
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Improve process performance
    • Higher output quality
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Reduce process costs


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