Business Modeling

Create Detailed, Accurate ROI Tools That Build Customer Trust

For an ROI or TCO analysis to be an effective selling tool, it has to engage customers and resonate with them. It needs to be a mirror that they can look into and see themselves – accurately reflecting their business and making credible statements about the quantified benefits a product or service can deliver. Otherwise, it will only create mistrust and raise buying objections. Serious buyers demand ROI information when making a major purchase decision – so it is critical that ROI tools are based on best-in-class business models that create trust and encourage open discussion.

Business Modeling Expertise

We work with clients to create compelling business models that capture all of the nuances of their target customer base. Our consultants have a proven track record and many years of business modeling experience, including working with major technology vendors to localize the benefits of products and services to diverse vertical markets and customer tiers. They bring the same level of insight and focus to all our client engagements, using rigorous methodologies, diligent research and experience to capture the way that our clients’ customers do business.

Dynamic and Flexible

While modeling a single business can be taxing, developing a dynamic ROI model that is easily configured to address an entire industry sector requires years of experience and insight. AnalysisPlace consultants have risen to this challenge again and again, delivering flexible ROI and TCO tools that adapt easily to each individual prospect’s circumstances, needs and opportunities. Our approach also recognizes that complete and detailed information is rarely available – the tools we create make intelligent decisions were no data exists, delivering realistic ROI modeling in an imperfect world.

Backed by Authoritative Data

One of the major challenges in creating a high-quality ROI model is obtaining accurate industry and labor market information. AnalysisPlace consultants have access to a vast library of current data, including profiles of over 2000 corporations, current labor cost statistics by industry and job function, IT initiative cost and benefit evidence, and many other reputable data sources.

To discover How AnalysisPlace can create ROI and TCO tools that ring true with your customers, talk to us today.