Marketing Communications

Sales and Marketing Collateral That Drives Home Business Value

AnalysisPlace creates high-value sales and marketing collateral for its clients, driving home the business value of their products and services. Our experienced consultants produce authoritative, professional content that quantifies the real-world benefits of our clients’ offerings, giving their customers deep insights into return on investment. Our capabilities include individual customer case studies, multi-client ROI and TCO whitepapers and presentations. All of our collateral can be used standalone, or can be integrated as templates into AnalysisPlace tools to create customer-specific marketing and sales documents.

We have particular experience developing value-based collateral for leading technology vendors. Our consultants have worked for some of the best-known names in the industry, including IBM, Microsoft and Intel. They have a proven track record of communicating the business value of technology, ranging from innovative solutions to enterprise-wide technology portfolios.

Customer Case Studies

Backup your ROI message with professional customer case studies that show the benefits you have delivered to other customers. Our case studies illuminate the quantified value that customers have received – and provide clear context that allows prospects to see how they can realize similar benefits.


Provide your prospects with a clear description of the value that you deliver and how you stand out from the competition. Easily make your customer-specific value clear by automatically including personalized examples of how your value maps to your prospect’s business.


AnalysisPlace create compelling presentations that give salespeople a platform to engage prospects with effective storytelling. Our presentations can be directly integrated into AnalysisPlace tools, allowing them to be individualized at the touch of a button.

To discuss how AnalysisPlace can help you to communicate compelling customer value, contact us today.