Accelerate Rollout and Maximize Sales Impact

We deliver ROI training services that enhance the effectiveness of AnalysisPlace tools. Our courses include overall ROI training and value-based sales training, as well as tool-specific training that allows clients to roll out their ROI tools quickly and successfully. Our return on investment training delivers value to a wide range of audiences, including sales and marketing professionals, sales engineers, business analysts, financial analysts and sales enablement specialists.

ROI Concepts

We cover both basic and advanced ROI concepts, including common terminology, the value of business value assessments and current trends in value-based selling. We also address key financial topics, such as NPV, IRR and cash flow analysis. Participants discover where and when to apply AnalysisPlace ROI tools most effectively within the sales cycle, and they learn about best practices for carrying out ROI analyses. Our approach is designed to bring students with minimal ROI background up to speed quickly, while providing valuable insights to those who are already experienced value-based sellers.

Tool Education

We work closely with our clients to develop return on investment training that is designed to maximize the value of their specific AnalysisPlace ROI tools. Participants learn about the quantified value of their specific products and services, including all of the different factors that affect this value within individual customers. They are also shown in detail how to use their AnalysisPlace tools effectively, and how to optimize the way that they communicate the value of their portfolio to individual customers.

Hands-On Training by Business Value Experts

All of our courses are led by experienced business value analysts with extensive real-world experience. Our training features a balanced mix of information sessions, demonstrations of ROI tools and methodologies, team activities, individual exercises and case studies. Our instructors are also available for one-on-one meetings to help individual participants master concepts that are giving them difficulties and to answer their questions.

To explore how AnalysisPlace tools training can help your organization to sell the value of your products or services, contact us today.